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Narrow SwitchBack Tailgate Pad - Full-size

Narrow SwitchBack Tailgate Pad - Full-size

The narrow version of our original SwitchBack Tailgate Pad provides the same offerings as the full version, but takes up half the tailgate.

Our unique pad has an integrated seat that flips up when the tailgate is down, providing a comfortable spot to relax post-ride, pre-game, or anytime sitting place wherever your truck goes.

Fits full-size pickups and takes up only half the width of the tailgate. Leaves access for the handle and backup cameras on many trucks. It’ll haul just about anything you need it to including bikes, surfboards, SUP boards, or construction materials. 


  • Durable, weatherproof, and UV resistant design.
  • Fits full-sized truck tailgate (25" width per pad).
  • Fold-out seating feature with straps to adjust angle.
  • Closure feature for seat when not in use to keep out debris.
  • Daisy chain along the top of the pad to secure gear.
  • Internal foam padding to protect tailgate and provide a comfortable seat.
  • Opening flap to allow access to tailgate latch.

Click here for instructions on how to install pad

Patent US 9,701,225 B1

$ 110.00